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 Protect Your Pets

Many people are unaware of a danger to their pets which is lurking out there in the world of greed and evil. There are people who make their living from “dealing pets”. Known in the animal welfare community as “bunchers”, these people obtain pet cats and dogs in various devious ways and then sell them to Class B dealers who in turn sell them to research labs for experimentation . Class B dealers are licensed by the USDA and are allowed to get their animals through “random sources”. Technically, licensees are required to have a kennel that provides proper shelter and veterinary care. However, these regulations are rarely enforced.

“Bunchers” are often very professional at what they do, many times presenting themselves as a man, woman and child pretending to be a loving family following up on “free to good home” ads. Sometimes they frequent veterinary clinics seeking kittens the clinics often have up for adoption. At other times they canvas roads in residential neighborhoods looking for pets on the roads or in yards. Not all pets acquired in these ways are destined for research laboratories. Sometimes pit bull fighter rings buy animals from “bunchers” to use as bait in the rings or sometimes if they are small enough for food for boa constrictors.

Please keep your pets inside your house or inside fenced yards. Don’t let them roam the streets. If you rescue a cat or dog and need to find a home for him NEVER give him away to strangers without charging an adoption fee . If you don’t feel comfortable accepting a fee yourself, accept the fee for a shelter or rescue group

If you would like more information on “pet theft” visit the website, lcanimal.org. The national organization, Last Chance for Animals, is one of several national animal welfare groups that works to put a stop to this evil practice.

Article by:
Lynn MacAuley

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